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Spending Meg Whitman’s Money and Mark Lauren on You Are Your Own Gym | Show 245


Casey and Dan come up with some better ways for California governator hopeful, Meg Whitman to spend the $100 million she’s pumped into her campaign.

And apparently you can be your own gym! That’s according to super trainer Mark Lauren who has just written the bible, You Are Your Own Gym, on sensible low-impact workouts that you can do at home, with no equipment and in relative calm.


Mark Lauren-Be your own gym! | Show 245


COMING UP ON NURSE TALK……..CHECK PLEASE….Meg Whitman + $100 million = YIKES…please don’t let the trend of buying your way into office get even bigger and more common. Casey and Dan try to help California governator hopeful, Meg spend her money in what they think are more meaningful ways…well, I know that is totally subjective!…Continue Reading