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Honesty and Ethics. Heel. Toe. Blue Eyes.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and listen to some old stories we told when Nurse Talk was first on the air. Not sure any of you remember RN and co-host Maggie McDermott. Maggie comes back to visit from time to time and she always has a story about a funeral she just attended or a “fender bender” that wasn’t her fault. We think these Comedy Pharm clips are at least amusing—funny? Well, that is in the eyes of the beholder!

Moving on—Lost for many observers in last month’s end-of-the-year hullabaloo was the annual Gallup Honesty and Ethics Survey which by a wide margin again ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession.The survey found that 84% of Americans believe that nurses have “very high” or “high” honesty and ethical standards. RN and co-president of National Nurses United Karen Higgins is with us to talk more about the survey and what it means for the nurses, health care and social activism.

AND we share a wonderful story from RN, writer JoAnn Spears. JoAnn has generously contributed some stunning blog posts about her life and career as a nurse. On a recent post she describes what she learned from a mute patient in a chronic psychiatric ward. Read more…

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