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Other nations see universal health care as necessary. Why don’t we?

Our public leaders here in United States like to proclaim that we’re number one at everything, despite evidence to the contrary. When it comes to health care, now developing nations are beginning to leave us in the dust. In the article “U.S. lags in global […]

All-Woman Senate Panel Moves to Ban Viagra. National Nurses. Single Payer in California. Lotsa Laughs

The show begins with Casey, “Dan as you know, we try to shy away from controversy but sometimes a gal just has to speak up. I must comment on the recent congressional hearings on contraception. First of all—I thought that train left the station in the 70’s! And can we talk? The expert panel assembled consisted of all males! “Where’s The Beef?” as our old friend Clara Peller used to say in the famous Wendy’s commercial. Without going into further detail, we wondered what it would be like—if the shoe were on the other foot—so to speak. You know, the deck being stacked to fall the other way?”

AS LUCK would have it—a little research provided us with the perfect opportunity to share just that kind of breaking news. Listen this Saturday as California State Senator Janelle Jones introduces groundbreaking legislation (Senate Bill SB 1240) that moves to criminalize the very dangerous Viagra. That’s right—Viagra. The all-woman senate panel that drafted this bill says there is mountains of evidence that Viagra should be banned! Don’t miss Senator Jones on Nurse Talk!

AND..we have an update on the very active nurses from National Nurses United. Deborah Burger always brings life and humanity to the critical healthcare issues in our country.

We’ll check in with our friend Andrew McGuire. Andrew is the Executive Director of California One Care. Cal One Care envisions a health care system where every child and every adult receives the health care they need, when they need it, and at a cost that is affordable.

2011 Uninsured Death Tolls

Casey and Dan open the show this week by announcing the 2011 uninsured death tolls for California and the U.S. —95 for the state and 800 and county for the nation and counting. These numbers have a way of bringing home the sobering fact that […]

Nobel Laureate Endorses Single Payer

Here’s what Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has to say about single payer, in an interview published in The Times of India: Why have you been pitching for a single payer system for health insurance rather than a system where several private companies compete?The US […]

Freshman Congressman to the People: I Got Mine, Screw You

If they ever hand out a prize for Hypocritical Freshman Congressperson of the Year, Andy Harris would win first place. In an amazing display of audacity, Harris, a Republican elected Nov. 2 to a Maryland congressional seat on an anti-healthcare reform platform, complained during an […]

Ranks of the Uninsured Reach Almost 59 Million

The United States just reached a new milestone in the Hall of Shame: nearly 59 million Americans were uninsured for at least part of 2010, according to officials at the Centers for Disease Control. That’s more uninsured Americans than the entire populations of some industrialized […]

Andrew McGuire and Deborah Burger | Show 300

Its back to school! We have no idea why we started with that because it has nothing to do with  he show coming up but it does fit in with the season. Hey…we do have a great show coming up. This week we host Andrew […]