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What if Nursing is Your Calling—And your Undoing? | RN Shahina Lakhani

Picture this: A nurse goes to an integrative medicine doctor for chronic fatigue, body pains especially eyes and face and failing eye sight. The doctor runs a battery of tests, way more than a regular doctor would to find out what is wrong. Doctor, “Your […]

Trip Down Memory Lane | Take Time to Connect with your Love for Nursing

I had the awesome privilege of being able to speak to an Associate RN class on my experience with nursing, burn out, self-care and Reiki the other day. As I stood in front of the class and reflected on my 21 years of experience it […]

Nurses: Is it Stress, Burnout, or Compassion Fatigue?

Nursing is hard emotional, physical, and spiritual work—it is also very rewarding and satisfying. Tension and turmoil come with the territory of being a nurse. Are your feelings of frustration simple stress or something more serious? Decide for yourself: is it stress, burnout, or compassion […]