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It’s Official, Laughter Is The Best Medicine And There’s A Conference To Prove It.

Resilience: Harnessing the Power of Humor

“While you were laughing your whole brain was engaged. Your brain generated a whole cascade of neurotransmitters. Laughter has the power to heal. If we had you wired for brain activity, we’d see a flood of gamma waves. If we had you wired for physiological activity we would see a drop in your blood pressure, a drop in your muscle tension. Psychologically you experienced positive and uplifting emotions even though you didn’t know why you were laughing.”

Our friend RN and Humorist Karyn Buxman talks about the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor’s 28th Annual Conference coming up April 12-15th in San Diego CA. Humor and laughter professionals from around the world are invited to learn the latest applications and benefits of therapeutic humor presented by field experts. CEU and CME credits will be available for the conference session as well as the one-day Humor Academy sessions.  Nurses, if you’ve ever made a patient’s bed and had an overwhelming desire to lay down in it…this conference is for you.

The AATH is also putting on a special session free to professional or family caregivers, Comedy for Caregivers, featuring Yakov Smirnoff on Friday, April 13th at the San Diego Holiday Inn. Tickets are free but limited so reservations are required.


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Listen to our  interview with Karyn Buxman to learn more about how laughter can heal.