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Single Payer: Transforming the Conversation

Supporters of single-payer healthcare march to the state Capitol on April 26 in Sacramento. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)
Supporters of single-payer healthcare march to the state Capitol on April 26, 2018 in Sacramento. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Dialogue Across Divides

What if there were a way to start and engage in a new and unique national conversation about expanding and improving Medicare for all?

What if we could create a project that drives a groundbreaking public discussion about single-payer healthcare by expanding the involvement and collaboration of nurses (the most trusted professionals) and national media partners?

Well, we can and we would love to share this well-researched, groundbreaking approach that offers a new way to dialogue across differences. Behind every opinion is a person. Nurses can make a difference toward solutions in this debate when they connect and share their stories.

What happens when the most trusted profession takes on one of the country’s most contentious issues? Nurses can transform the conversation about healthcare.

Nurse Talk (Radio) Media is partnering with Spaceship Media to bring nurses together into a journalism-supported, moderated conversation that starts with listening and leads to news content that reflects the rich experience of tackling tough issues and getting to know others as whole people. Spaceship Media calls it “Dialogue Journalism.”

How it works

We’ll go right to the heart of the Healthcare for All debate, building a unique community of nursing professionals with the aim of easing polarization through fact-based discussions informed by thorough research.

Our project is strategic, interactive, conversational, educational and informative. It will engender creative thinking and authentic discourse, inform policy and communication strategy and keep the media heat on forwarding healthcare for all.

We’ll work with news partners to tell the stories that arise organically from these conversations. Medicare for All has unprecedented support but there is still work to do. Transforming the discussion can have a significant impact on public opinion and the success of legislated reform.

Dialogue Journalism. Get in on it.

Sponsorship opportunities are available now.

Pattie Lockard
Executive Producer
Nurse Talk Media

Dialogue Journalism and Projects featured in the News

“The Spaceship model has shown how divided people can come together to grapple with difficult questions and emerge with new insights about themselves and their views. This is work that offers a new way to think about the role of journalists and their capacity to serve communities and improve the world through fact-based inquiry, combined with courage and civility.”

–Michelle Holmes, VP of Content
Alabama Media Group