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A Very Special Webinar from Shayne Mason and the University of San Francisco

Hello Nurse Talk Family & Friends, Want to live your life to the fullest? If you’re ready for change, serious about investing in yourself and ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone……this is for you. We would like to share with you our wonderful co-host […]

2011 Uninsured Death Tolls

Casey and Dan open the show this week by announcing the 2011 uninsured death tolls for California and the U.S. —95 for the state and 800 and county for the nation and counting. These numbers have a way of bringing home the sobering fact that […]

Can My Boss Do That?

Here’s a good link to have handy in the day of  the corporation as boss: Can My Boss Do That? is a worker’s rights and workplace information web site seeking “to have all work honor justice and respect the laborer and employer.”  We hope you […]