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Casey Hobbs, RN, Talk Radio Host, Speaker

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Casey Hobbs, RN, Co-creator and Co-host of Nurse Talk

Casey found her passion for nursing while in her early twenties and has been fully and passionately engaged since then. For the past 40 years she has served and advocated for patients in hospitals, home care and hospice and is currently the Director of Nursing for a large healthcare organization in Northern California.

Casey has always maintained, “ laughter is the best medicine.”She shares her management and direct patient care experience and expertise as a speaker and mentor and leads by example applying her hands-on approach to all she endeavors.  Her dream for Nurse Talk Radio started while listening to two guys named Tom and Ray talk about cars on NPR. 

Speaker Topics Include:

  • Using humor to build trust with your staff.
  • Self-care tool kit for nurses. You can’t provide good care and a healing environment without first taking care of yourself. 
  • Is reality malleable? What does that mean and how might a change in perception improve patient care outcomes and how we do our jobs.
  • “Which one of you kids got hit by a car?” Casey’s hilarious compilation of stories from her childhood and from 40 years as a nurse.  Laughter is the best medicine and boy is this a strong dose!

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