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Author: Sylvia Moore

Other nations see universal health care as necessary. Why don’t we?

Our public leaders here in United States like to proclaim that we’re number one at everything, despite evidence to the contrary. When it comes to health care, now developing nations are beginning to leave us in the dust. In the article “U.S. lags in global […]

Why Should an Insurance Company Exec Earn $13.5 Million a Year?

Donna Smith, a community organizer for National Nurses United, wrote the following for the Common Dreams blog: Guarding Health is Not Their Business, But It is Ours By Donna Smith If for one moment anyone has the notion that for-profit health insurance companies are in […]

More from last Wednesday’s Senate Health Committee vote

Read California Healthline’s roundup of last Wednesday’s successful vote on SB 810: Friday, May 06, 2011 Senate Health Committee Moves Single-Payer Bill by David Gorn Many dozens of single-payer supporters crammed the Senate Committee on Health chambers on Wednesday for hearing on a bill that […]

SB 810 Passes Senate Health Committee

Facing possible extinction for the first time in four years, the single payer bill SB 810 pulled through, passing the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday on a 5-3 vote, state Sen. Mark Leno’s office reported. Up until a couple of days ago, committee chair Sen. […]

Hernandez To Vote “Yes” on SB 810

The California Nurses Association is reporting that State Sen. Ed Hernandez has decided to vote in favor of SB 810 at tomorrow’s Senate Health Committee hearing. Up until now, Hernandez, the committee’s chair, had been undecided. This is terrific news. Obviously, the efforts from single […]

California State Senators Urged to Back SB 810

Pressure is building on two Democratic state Senators on the Senate Health Committee to get them to change their minds on the single payer health care bill, SB 810. The bill is scheduled for a hearing before the committee this Wednesday after being postponed from […]

Vermont Clears Another Hurdle; Is California’s SB 810 In Trouble?

It looks like California and Vermont could go on two different trajectories in America’s battle for healthcare equality. On Tuesday, the Vermont Senate approved by 21-9 health reform legislation that would create a single payer system in the state. Once the bill is reconciled by […]

Blue Shield Backs Off Rate Hikes…For Now

So Blue Shield finally blinked. On Wednesday, the health insurer withdrew proposed rate increases of as much as 86.5% on individual policies. This hike would have been on top of increases Blue Shield imposed on its customers in January and October. From the Sacramento Bee: […]

How Cuba’s Health Care Costs 96% Less and Gets Same Results

The following article from the blog AlterNet shows how Cuba achieves virtually the same quality of health care as the United States, but at 96% less cost. What’s this country’s secret? An emphasis on preventive care. The results prove that this approach works better than […]