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Nurse Talk RNs on the sidelines at this year’s SUPER BOWL?

Who would have thought Casey and Shayne would be called upon to be medical advisers during the SUPER BOWL for Jim Harbaugh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers? I am sure not many—and to be truthful—they weren’t. BUT one of them dreamed about it. Which one could that have been? Well, at the very least it is exciting to see our 49ers back in the SUPER BOWL.

And speaking of the Bay Area—most of you locals know TV and radio health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains. After 25 years on KGO radio in San Francisco—Joanie crossed the picket line and will be featured on Nurse Talk in a new weekly segment called “Fit Happens.” The segment begins in February.

RN Marsha Podd

Also coming up—one of our favorite guests RN Marsha Podd, aka The Baby Whisperer. One of the topics she’ll talk about—postpartum depression. If you have questions for Marsha call 1-800-977-1863 and leave your question on the message line and she will answer on the air.

IT’s WORTH REPEATING…this week…a look at the V.A hospital system from RN Irma Westmoreland and Bay Area fitness and health expert Joanie Greggains helps break down the top 10 barriers to exercise. Read more…

RN Irma Westmoreland on VA System Nurses’ National Contract Win

We all know the V.A. hospital system is a lifeline for our returning veterans. What we don’t know or may not think about is the overwhelming case loads for the healthcare practioners who care for these vets. Recently V.A. System RNs won a NATIONAL CONTRACT […]

Screeching. No Excuses. Contract Celebration. Laughter.

“Welcome to Nurse Talk where laughter is the best medicine. I’m Casey Hobbs.” “I’m Shayne Mason and we are two of the thousands of nurses on duty today.” Oh lord…on the show this week we have a horrible sound ensemble that includes what is now […]