The Baby Whisperer is here and parents you don’t want to miss what she has to say.

Every new parent has been there—sleep deprived, exhausted, and pacing the floor at 3:00 a.m. with an irritable baby who is having difficulty calming down and going back to sleep. In Secrets of a Baby Nurse, a medical professional relies on scientific research, personal study, and a lifelong adoration of babies to provide parents with valuable tip[Read more]

Bionic Pancreas is in the works…

Ten percent of Americans are living with Diabetes. Over 1 million have Type 1. Although a cure is being worked on, recent trials for a Bionic Pancreas are in the works and advancing. Dr. Steven J. Russell is leading those trials through Massachusetts General. Bay Area reporter Jeannie Lynch spoke with Dr. Russell about this promising device. Liste[Read more]

Kaiser RN’s Talk

How can listeners help support those who take care of them in their time of need? Let Kaiser know it is not ok to cut direct patient care. Call, email, write in support of your nurses!

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A quick clip of what’s coming up

Just a taste of whats coming up. Why isn't Kaiser management showing up for bargaining talks with the California Nurses Association? What are they afraid of ? AND ,  a Bionic Pancreas is coming your way. All this on Nurse Talk @ www.nursetalksite.com

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