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Women and Heart Disease

Did you know that women’s heart attacks present differently than men’s? Heart attacks in women are one of the most frequently misdiagnosed medical conditions by physicians. In this time and day of advanced medicine, this should NOT be the case! Women have heart related illnesses as often as men, yet these symptoms are brushed off as “anxiety” or “stress.” (And what would make a woman more stressed out than being brushed off by a doctor and told it’s all in her head!)

Watch this episode of “Medical Tips You Need to Know!” as we discuss heart disease in women with New Jersey cardiologist, Aliya Browne, D.O., FACC and heart attack survivor, and women’s heart disease advocate, Lynn Boegershausen. Find out what signs and symptoms you need to look out for. Education is the key here, not only for women, but for physicians, so that advances are made in diagnosing women’s heart attacks with the same accuracy as men’s! Reminder: It IS 2013!!

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