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Who Doesn’t Need to Go Back to Class? Tune In to Learn How to Tune Out

This week we present a wonderful rewind about TM, Transcendental Meditation and then just to make you “nuts” we’ll give you a review of D.C. Constipation! No segue for that. If you missed our great discussion about TM, tune in this Saturday at 11 am Pacific on KNEW960 am on the air or streaming.

Marjie Biller
Marjie Biller

TM instructor Marjie Biller joins us to talk about the practice and a program specifically created for nurses and healthcare practitioners.”

Check out this recent article about the benefits of TM from Medical News Today: “TM should be part of government-funded health programs—From high stress levels to cardiovascular disease, the TM® technique has proven effective in treating and preventing a wide range of ailments. Said Dr. Vernon Barnes, ‘Adding TM practice at a young age could prevent future cardiovascular disease and save many lives, not to mention reduce the national medical bill by billions…'” With a “B.”

Both Oprah and Nurse Talk host Casey can vouch. Casey says, “I just happen to be practicing TM and I cannot say enough about the benefits.”

For more info check out the TM Women Professionals web site. You can also contact Marjie at 415-715-8778 or

And, just what is the “Fiscal Cliff” and what is it doing to our health? A great scientific experiment is unleashed as we listen to a few callers explain the “fiscal cliff.” Don’t miss it as we are sure you will be disappointed at our low-tech research and analysis. Then our good friend and Capitol Hill correspondent, Donna Smith joins us to weigh in on all things D.C. What does she say about the fiscal cliff, the implementation of Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare? And what’s in store for healthcare in 2013? It’s all on Nurse Talk. Tune in.

AND we have some goodies in store for you with some all new Nurse Talk—coming up—one of our favorite guests, RN Marsha Podd, AKA The Baby Whisperer. Marsha will be talking about postpartum blues and much more. She’ll answer your questions, or those of your mother-in-law, to so call now 1-800-977-1863 and leave a question of any length for Marsha.

Joanie Greggains
Joanie Greggains

And don’t miss our first installment of “Fit Happens” with health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains. Joanie will be with us on February 23rd to debunk some old myths, weight loss trends and more.

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