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Talking Back to Dr. Phil and Why You Should Care About Health Care and Staffing Legislation

Author David Bedrick joins us this week.
Author David Bedrick joins us this week.

We have a very good show this week. How many of you have ever wanted to talk back to Dr. Phil? Well, I, for one, have. Now a new book called none other than Talking Back to Dr. Phil has been written by our guest David Bedrick.

In his book, Bedrick tackles the major issues that provide fodder for reality shows and pop culture experts, including body image and weight loss, addiction, domestic abuse and bigotry. That’s right…Talking Back to Dr. Phil moves past simple, pop culture answers to our psychological wounds and shines a light on the path of loving kindness that leads to deep, emotional healing. You really will be dazzled by this great conversation with the author.

Why should anyone care about legislative bills that have to do with healthcare and staffing? Sounds boring? Not so fast! AB 975 Charity Care? Check it out. Or maybe SB 631 Observation Study? You don’t want to end up in a hallway at the hospital for over 24 hours do you? Listen as we check in to see what the California Nurses Association has been doing lately to fight for nurses and their patients.

California State Capitol Building, Sacramento
California State Capitol Building, Sacramento

We have with us Stephanie Roberson the lead lobbyist for CNA working in the Governmental Relations department in Sacramento, Calif. Stephanie has been working with the nurses since 2007.

And Bay Area Health and Fitness Expert Joanie Greggains hits the pavement with her new segment “Fit Happens,” only on Nurse Talk. Check it out. Or if you have a question or comment for Joanie email or call 1-800-977-1863.

And from our friends at Scrubs Magazine The 10 Best Responses to Annoying Patients. Here’s one for you:

“’All nurses are overpaid, fat and lazy.’ (Yes, I had a patient say this to me once. Then she gave me a “thank-you” gift.) Comeback: “This fat, overpaid, lazy nurse just saved you and your baby’s life.”

The other 9 are even worse!

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