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Helmet Hair. History Lesson. Boston Accent. What’s So Funny?

Joy Ride!

Well, Casey and Shayne share a few stories. Casey tells a story about an elderly woman’s escape from an assisted living facility. A World War II Vet—this sweet 89-year-old woman managed to slip by the door attendants, walk down a hill to the parking lot, HOTWIRE a car and….Click through to the blog post to read more…

Donna Kelly Williams

This week we give a salute to the Massachusetts Nurses Association. We are joined by RN and President of Mass. Nurses Association, Donna Kelly Williams. Donna speaks about the recent victories the nurses have had with respect to keeping Taunton State Hospital opened and witnessing the signing of legislation to make mandatory overtime illegal. She also finds a way to slip in a little about the Red Sox.

Karyn Buxman

And–What’s So Funny about Diabetes? Well of course nothing—but there can be humor in the circumstances. RN, motivational speaker and author Karyn Buxman joins us to talk about the healing power of laughter and her new book series “What’s So Funny About…” The first edition of “What’s So Funny” is about the challenges of diabetes. We’ll visit with Karyn about her busy world and why she trusts the power of humor as a potent healing tool.