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RN Sarah Prysock Takes on Healing Refugee Children

RN Sara Prysock learned from friends Belle Sweeney and Sheldon Rosenberg returning from volunteering and Syrian refugee camps that there is no place for kids to be kids. Belle founded The Schoolbox Project with the ingenious concept of transforming shipping containers into mobile schoolhouses to […]

“I am taking this layoff as an opportunity to travel to Peru.”

Emily Sorman, LPN will be traveling to Cusco, Peru with the organization A Broader View. There, she will be working in a small community clinic or hospital providing basic medical care. Most indigenous people, especially the children, lack medial attention. These clinics provide necessary health […]

Ratio Fight in Vegas, Volunteerism, Main Street and More

Coming up on the Show…What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas…A volunteer extraordinaire visits the studio… What’s happening to our Main Streets?…An anonymous email question leads the nurses to believe they may have a celebrity on the other end of the cyber-line. Casey […]

URGENT NEED for RN Volunteers Haiti Ravaged by Earthquake

From our friends at National Nurses United: Join your fellow RNs, National Nurses United members, and the Registered Nurse Response Network on an emergency mission to help Haiti. “All of the hospitals are packed with people. It is a catastrophe,” said, President René Préval of Haiti to the New York Times. HOW YOU CAN HELP? Read more…