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We Are Thankful for…and Coming Up on Nurse Talk Nov. 26-27, 2011

We are thankful for…the smell of rain in the desert. Vicks VapoRub. Waking up to find a snowy morning. Supportive shoes. Belly laughs. A trail to follow. Authenticity. Relationships that get better with time. Chocolate in any form! A starry, starry night. Crickets. Random kindness from a stranger. Love. Coffee. Movie trailers. The distant sound of a train passing by. Scrubs with a lot of pockets. Friends, listeners and sponsors who make this show happen.

All of us here at Nurse Talk wish you and your loved ones many reasons to be thankful this holiday season. Casey and Dan are off to grandmother’s house this week, so we are playing a Best of Nurse Talk to inspire and delight this weekend.

Lynn Ruth Miller stops by and shares home remedies we do not recommend to anyone. We get the lowdown on retaliation against nurses at Washington Medical Center from RNs Raj Rajini and Peggy Dinkel. Then, Greg Allen tells us all about how to travel the world while you work doing travel nursing.