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Tag: The Power of REST

Beth Kean and Dr. Matthew Edlund | Show 240

DAN’S THING IS REVEALED AND LESLIE WHITE IS THE WINNER OF THE “DAN’S THING” CONTEST.Casey and Dan visit with the California Nurses Association’s Beth Kean about the recent ruling by a Superior Court judge that stopped the walk-out of over 12,000 UC Medical Center RNs. The RNs have been trying to call attention to the fact that UC Medical Centers (most notably U.C. Davis in Sacramento) have not been complying with the California RN-to-Patient Ratio law.AND CAN WE TALK? Yes we can and we are talking about the POWER OF REST by Dr. Matthew Edlund. Dr. Edlund’s book is really a different approach to sleep and he makes a distinction between SLEEP AND REST.READ MORE>