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Vacation on the Mendocino Coast

Great Mendocino Coast Specials just for NURSES – Enter to win!

Everybody knows you deserve a vacation. When you wind your way up to the breathtakingly beautiful and magical Mendocino Coast, you will be welcomed and pampered. To thank you for your work, the Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce has opportunities and deals exclusively for RNs, LVNs & […]

San Francisco Chronicle: Nurses unions join together for more clout

“Nurses from three unions, including the powerful California Nurses Association, have founded a new national union to influence national health care policies and try to extend California’s patient ratio law into other states.Organizers said the 150,000-member National Nurses United, the largest professional union for registered […]

Kim Kutcher Fights Blue Cross | Show 209

On the show this week, Casey interviews RN Kim Kutcher. Kim lives and works in Orange County and has been fighting her insurance company, Blue Cross, for 2 years. She needs back surgery to correct a critical injury (most likely work-related) and has been denied […]