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Queen Meg Farewell Tour | Queen Meg Segment | Show 306

Guest: Queen Meg Nurse Talk : November 3, 2010 : CNA/MNA Segment Queen Meg Farewell TourSunday, October 31, 2010 10:00 AMCount down to election 2010! And Casey and Dan catch up with Queen Meg in her big ol’ bus—traveling up and down the roads of the […]

Queen Meg’s Farewell Tour and Ellen Kagan | Show 306

Hey Macarena, Macarena, Macarena…well this very tune causes a big disruption in the studio this week and our hosts are not amused…you might not be either…Coming Up…Count down to election 2010! And Casey and Dan catch up with Queen Meg in her big ol’ bus—traveling […]

Rewind Andrew McGuire and Deborah Burger | Show 300BO

This week’s show is an encore presentation originally aired September 19, 2010 featuring Andrew McGuire and Deborah Burger.Andrew is the creator of the California OneCare Campaign. The campaign is simple, single payer health care for all Californians. This discussion takes us back to the good […]

CNA to Celebrate Women’s Suffrage and Protest Meg Whitman

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, August 26, 2010Sacramento, CaliforniaA Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of  Women’s Suffrage and a Protest of Meg Whitman Whose Voting Record Dishonors that Tradition “I was not as engaged in the political process [voting]as I should have been. I was doing […]

What Else Whitman Could Have Done with Her $100 Million Spending Spree

Amidst the nation’s worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and continuing problems in California with health care, education funding, home foreclosures, and lack of jobs, how do you explain the obscene and wasteful spending by candidate Meg Whitman in her campaign to buy the […]

5 Good Reasons for RNs to Oppose Meg Whitman

The California Nurses Association put this together for you.Like your hospital CEO or Chief Nursing Officer, billionaire Meg Whitman thinks she knows what is best for California nurses and patients.So, after CNA refused Whitman’s demand that we give her every CNA member’s home address and […]

The nurses versus Queen Meg

By Doron TsurHaaretzJuly 28, 2010Meg Whitman is a household name, at least among households with habitual readers of the business press, especially those who invest in technology stocks. She is the near-legendary manager of the Internet giant eBay. Under her stewardship eBay grew from a […]

California Governor’s Race: Meg Whitman vs. the Nurses Union

By Kevin O’LearyTIMEJuly 20, 2010In her gubernatorial campaign, California billionaire Meg Whitman fancies herself a turnaround artist, not unlike CEOs who take on failing companies and put them in the black. In her analysis of why the nation’s most populous state and the world’s 12th […]

Queen Meg Segment | Show 241

Guest: Queen Meg COMING UP ON NURSE TALK—QUEEN MEG dishes with Nurse Talk hosts Dan and Casey about her tireless efforts to convince the nurses she is for them not against them. BUT…the real excitement starts with a near “mini riot” between Queen Meg and her […]