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Dan’s Mom Rita stops by | Show 230

Well, Nurse Talk does it’s own version of ALL IN THE FAMILY as Co-host Dan Grady’s mom, Rita, stops by. Lovely Rita, as we like to call her, is a retired RN now working as a full-time volunteer for the Red Cross. It seems as though the apple does not fall far from the tree—Rita is as wild and wacky as her son!This week Casey and Dan talk with RN Laurie Bahr. She sheds some light on current Pension Bargaining Efforts taking place in her state. It seems that hospitals are using the “economic downturn” to cut benefits that most RNs have been paying into for years. Laurie is active in the Minnesota Nurses Association, the organization that works to protect patients and the nurses who serve them.A quick update from RN Carol Rodgers. You may remember Carol has been heading up efforts to save San Leandro Hospital in California from closure. She has good news and will update us on recent developments. READ MORE…