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Horrors in the Healthcare Setting

Today we’re going to talk about things that make you go EWWWW and Oh NO!!!!  Dirty instruments, post-operative infections, wrong sided surgeries, and problems in communication that lead to errors and adverse patient incidents.  But through all the healthcare horrors, we also share one cool thing about […]

Health Do’s for Your Diet Don’ts

We all go off course every now and then. You try to live right and eat healthy and do what you know you should and then temptation creeps in. Well, we know all too well how that goes: the guilt sets in and you beat […]

Surviving Cancer & The Relay for Life – ACS Event

In today’s world, we are all too familiar with cancer. Many of us have had it, or know someone close who has. In this episode Corine & Patti talk to their good friend and two time cancer survivor, Debbie Meade. She talks about her journey […]

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Healthy Skin for Summer

Summer is approaching and so the heavy winter clothes disappear. More skin is revealed in the warmer weather. When you get ready for that day at the beach, the BBQ or the bike ride do you automatically put on sunscreen and pack it with you […]


What You Need to Know About Your Vision

They say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and that goes for your vision as well! We all seem to take for granted what we use so much every day. In this episode we discuss what you NEED to know about your […]

Heart Disease in Women

Women and Heart Disease

Did you know that women’s heart attacks present differently than men’s? Heart attacks in women are one of the most frequently misdiagnosed medical conditions by physicians. In this time and day of advanced medicine, this should NOT be the case! Women have heart related illnesses […]

Popcorn Ceilings. Who’s Your Doctor’s Daddy? Great Medical Tips. Thelma Hobbs.

COMING Up…our friend and Capitol Hill correspondent Donna Smith (legislative organizer for National Nurses United) talks about “Who’s Your Doctor’s Daddy?” Healthcare giants buying up hospitals is not new…but they’re also buying up the doctors. Now this in and of itself doesn’t seem to surprising…but […]