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Nurse Talk Short | SIRI Doesn’t Know ACA and Safe Staffing in Hospitals!

SIRI Doesn’t Even Know What the Affordable Care Act Is! Another 42% of U.S. citizens don’t either as the clock ticks closer to October 1st: the date for the State Insurance Market Places (aka SIRI) starts selling affordable insurance to some of the 40 million […]

Coming Up on the Show This Week

Welcome to Nurse Talk. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. This week Casey and Shayne take an emergency call from a listener named Ginger. Ginger has a—shall we say—“burning” question and some important advice for our listeners who might just be inclined to do what she did! We’re pretty sure Ginger is not the only one who has ever done this…but we know she won’t do it again! Check it out. Thanks Ginger.

And from the Patient Advocate Desk—our friend and frequent guest RN and healthcare activist DeAnn McEwen talks about life-saving RN-Patient Ratios and what you need to know when you go to a hospital.

It seems the California Hospital Association and United Healthcare West are pushing a proposal to allow all California hospitals to suspend compliance with the life-saving 2004 RN Patient Ratio law. Read more…

And healthy without health insurance? Protect yourself says Dr. Mathew Edlund. A countdown to healthcare as we know it. Some would say it is a real stretch to claim that if you just use the amazing and innovative technology of the human body and its incredible regenerative powers you can be healthy. What do you say? Read more…

And Casey and Shayne visit with Joyce Hoffman. You may remember Joyce was our Golden Bed Pan Award winner a few weeks back. IN APRIL OF 2009 in the middle of the night, at age 51—Joyce’s life changed forever. She had a stroke.

RNs Blast Court Ruling – Pledge to Seek Legal, Other Actions To Defend Nurses’ Right to Advocate for Patient Safety

From the California Nurses Association: University of California registered nurses, joined by leaders of their organization from across California and the nation today condemned the latest ruling by a San Francisco court to enjoin registered nurses from striking over a current contract re-opener as a dangerous infringement on democratic rights and an encouragement to hospital officials to continue to ignore pervasive safety problems in UC hospitals.“Today’s decision will not be the last word. We will consider a variety of legal responses and a full range of collective actions to defend the right of our members to continue to advocate for our patients,” said Geri Jenkins, RN, a co-president of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United and a UC San Diego nurse.READ MORE>

The math doesn’t lie: The thinner nurses are spread in hospitals, the greater number of patients who die.

Big strike vote set in Minnesota, if approved would be the largest in U.S. history. Linda Hamilton, RN in the Children’s Hospital System and president of the Minnesota Nurses Association writes, “Everybody knows a nurse. And right now, more than 12,000 of us are in the fight of our lives with six different Twin Cities hospital systems…What are we fighting for? Nurses never have been and never will be in this profession for the money. We are in the profession for one simple reason – we care about you.” READ MORE

Patient Ratios Save Lives | Show 234

This week RNs talk about a new study just out that proves “patient ratios save lives.” We’ll also talk with Karen Coughlin about workplace violence and what is being done to stop it.We’ll be airing an encore presentation of Casey’s interview with Kay McVay. Kay is a retired RN who shares her story about a not so blissful retirement.Plus more about “Dan’s Thing.” That’s something you don’t want to miss. READ MORE…