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Theresa Brown, “When No One Is on Call”

“Narcan?” The nurse didn’t have time for that. Caring for eight patients on a busy medical-surgery floor meant that getting through the day’s tasks took up all her time. Half an hour later, though, the patient needed an emergency team to revive her. I held her […]

Portraits of Compassion: Photographer Shows Voice, Fortitude of American Nurses

Photographer Carolyn Jones spent two years profiling changes in the health care system. Her new book, “The American Nurse,” highlights how the profession of nursing is evolving. Jones and Rhonda Collins of Fresenius Kabi USA join Hari Sreenivasan for a closer look at nurses’ roles […]

Tears and Being Present

The call came in from EMS as “72-year-old man with end stage lung cancer in respiratory distress. Vitals stable. Family requesting transport to the ER for evaluation. He is on Hospice – the nurse tells us the family is no longer able to cope with […]

Being connected matters

Human Connectedness

I sat in the back row of the large Catholic Church and watched the young people and their families file in. Most heads were bowed but some were looking around with sad eyes. My heart was racing and I physically felt uncomfortable as I fought […]

Releasing Some Pain

Her tiny, delicate face haunts me Perfect round structure Purple bruises line her cheeks Closed eyes, left one black Wild dark brown hair Fine and Full Flat in the back Long, wispy and straight out Red lips in a perfect pout Closed mouth What truth […]

Agitating for the Good

Dear Maggie and Casey,…I do love your show. Lots of good information and highlighting of practical health concerns and solutions along with the humor–the effect is to show that nurses are the go-to people in our health care system, that this is where we can […]