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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. We wish you lots of laughter and renewal in 2012. Take on caring for yourselves as well as your patients. We liked a post by our Facebook friend, Nurses Interrupted with some ideas on how to make microchanges to help transform the workplace through transforming our relationships with one another:

“Ask yourself this question before you go in for a shift: “When was the last time I put my hand on someone’s shoulder and told them thank you?” Its okay to nurse each other—it just takes a simple touch, making eye contact, a smile of reassurance—all those things take just a moment in time, but they have the power of changing your workplace…and your profession. You never know who might *really need* that reassuring human contact from a colleague…

On the show this week we replay of our interview with Dr. Connie Mariano who was nominated to the rank of Rear Admiral by President Bill Clinton and eventually served as the White House Physician for President Clinton and President George W. Bush. She has written a wonderful book called The White House Doctor.