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Ratio Fight in Vegas, Volunteerism, Main Street and More

Coming up on the Show…What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas…A volunteer extraordinaire visits the studio… What’s happening to our Main Streets?…An anonymous email question leads the nurses to believe they may have a celebrity on the other end of the cyber-line. Casey […]

Nursing Ratios Save Lives | Beth Kean Segment | Show 240

Guest: Beth Kean Casey and Dan visit with the California Nurses Association’s Beth Kean about the recent ruling by a Superior Court judge that stopped the walk-out of over 12,000 UC Medical Center RNs. The RNs have been trying to call attention to the fact […]

New York Times Op Ed Trumpets Need for Safe Patient Limits for Nurses YORK TIMESJune 18, 2010Is There a Nurse in the House?By THERESA BROWNPittsburghPICK any of the hospital dramas that have run for decades on American TV, and chances are the heroes are the doctors, running to a patient’s bedside to save a life whenever an […]

Arizona, Baby Whisperer and Trande Phillips | Show 235

COMING UP on the show this week…Casey talks about her recent skirmish at an Arizona checkpoint, Dan’s “thing” is now green and Marsha Podd, aka The Baby Whisperer—ROCKS! Also—listen to what RN Trande Phillips has to say about a new study that proves RN+Patient/Ratios save lives. READ MORE…