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Not Just a Cruise Contest

I came home from work one day and mom said, “We are going on a cruise. I entered us in a contest to go on a caregiver cruise.” I laughed, and said, “Great,” and went into the other room. Later she told me that I […]

Don’t Leave Me

This morning when I got mom up from bed she looked at me and said, “Oh, Sunshine, I sure have missed you. I am so happy to see you.” She giggled and while I was dressing her she said, “Yesterday the girl that was here […]

And Then There’s the Money

Today Missy and I went to look at a new nursing facility. It is close to our home. Missy has so many medical bills and  she hasn’t worked for the last few years because she is taking care of me. We would of been OK […]

The Gift in Room 3 | Love Your Nursing Life | RN Bobbi McCarthy

Standing in the middle of the nurse’s station, I faxed a chart to Spring Harbor for our psych patient in room 11 and I watched the patient in room 3. Her twisted body was lying on the stretcher in a semi-sitting position. She was covered […]

Nurse Talk Joins the Walk for A Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Nurse Talk joined the team Walk or Grow Wings last Saturday in Santa Rosa, California to walk for a cure for MS. Inspired by the people in our lives with Multiple Sclerosis, the team raised over $9000 under the enthusiastic and able leadership of Karen […]

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Sweetheart of the Nurse Talk staff, Austyn Leigh with team captain Karen Krueger

Nurse Talk joined the team Walk or Grow Wings last Saturday in Santa Rosa, California to walk for a cure for MS. Inspired by the people in our lives with Multiple Sclerosis, the team raised over $9000! Read more…

We have lots of great topics and discussions going on on our blog and Facebook pages. Stroke patient, Joyce Hoffman has been telling it like it is from the patient’s perspective. Do you know how your patients see you or what a lasting difference your care can make?

And, we’ve got current events from National Nurses United. Nurses, Robin Hood and the band of merry women and men, and scores of friends are strapping on their boots and preparing to head to Chicago for a protest Friday, May 18 during the Staff Nurse Assembly.

Must See Video: Our resident comedian Lynn Ruth Miller as she wows the judges (all but one?) on Britain’s Got Talent. See it here.

Due to the grave illness of host Casey’s father we were unable to tape our show this week. Please hang with us while we give you one more rerun. We thank and appreciate each and every one of our listeners, friends sponsors and others for making Nurse Talk possible. WE WILL be back next week with current issues, our fantastic new co-host Shayne Mason, and some wild and crazy entertainment.

ON this week’s Best of Nurse Talk Casey and Dan chat with Boston RN Karen Higgins. Karen is past president of Massachusetts Nurses Association and one of three co-presidents for National Nurses United. Karen shares her views on the continuing need for single payer health care in our country, the urgency regarding nurse-patient ratios and other important issues that affect all of us.

AND some great advice about taking care of your parents or other elderly loved ones. Kira Reginato joins us. Kira is the president of Living Ideas for Elders and is the host of her own radio show on KSRO, The Elder Care Show in Santa Rosa, California.

Mary Ellen. South Chicago. Pizza Parlor. Multiple Sclerosis.

Photo: Nurses from Chicago’s landslide vote to join NNU

Well, this week we continue with our little walk down memory lane. We’ll hear from a caller named Mary Ellen who by the end of the call was not very happy with us. She recently sent us an email telling us her legs still hurt and we are crackpots!

For more where this came from check out our Comedy Pharm at

Joining Casey (Dan was excused to go to Chuck E. Cheese with seven 8-year olds) is RN Dorothy Ahmad. Dorothy is a CCU nurse at Stroger Hospital in Chicago. Recently registered nurses at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center on Chicago’s South Side voted by 85 percent to join National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union and professional association of RNs. The Jackson Park RNs voted 94 to 16 to join NNU.

Casey then visits with Jennifer Gainza, the communications director for the Northern California chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. We asked Jennifer to come on the show and talk with us about MS, the signs the symptoms and current treatments.

We were recently prompted to inquire about Multiple Sclerosis when our Nurse Talk web producer Tonia McCallum’s 20-year-old niece Austyn was diagnosed. Nurse Talk is sponsoring her team. Read more…