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Migraines and Junk Food: Is There a Connection?

You’re craving chocolate. Or bread. Or salami. Your whims tend to bend with the wind. If you frequently suffer from migraines, this could be a sign that a migraine is on the way. But for some of the 37 million Americans who suffer from migraines, do […]

Transpersonal Caring Relationships in Nursing

I walked into room 15 to introduce myself to my new migraine patient and I found her rocking back and forth on the stretcher. Both of her hands were firmly pressed into her forehead and covering her eyes. The chart says my patient is 17 […]

Hand Massage and the Migraine Patient

I went to retrieve the 13 year old patient from the busy ER waiting room. I took her chart and looked around the waiting area. Amongst the noisy crowd; I saw a young girl, head in hands, lying in her mother’s lap. I called her […]