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Oklahoma. Talk’s Cheap. All Aboard.

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We lost Shayne to Oklahoma this week..but he called in from the streets of Colon (population 800), to give us the lay of the land on healthcare in his home state. He tells us access to care is difficult to non-existent in many areas, diabetes and heart disease are disproportionally high, and night life? Well…Shayne will tell us all about that when he returns to the show next week.

Our guest co-host shows us once again that “talk is cheap!” We paid her nothing and she talked all through the show…no dead air time on this one!

Our good friend and D.C. Healthcare correspondent Donna Smith joins us from the road—on the National Nurses United Medicare For All bus tour. The bus pulled out of San Diego, CA last week with 22 stops along the way. The nurses are providing mobile blood pressure screenings, information about accessing health screenings and check-ups in their own towns and cities and about the Robin Hood Tax. Good stuff peeps!!! Oh, and for anyone who thinks the Robin Hood Tax is a pipe dream…check out this article…13 European nations—led by Germany—are moving closer to signing onto this initiative.

WANTED…preferably alive! Nominees for the Nurse Talk Golden Bed Pan Award. Yes…we know it’s not particularly P.C. but we do like to celebrate those silent heroes out there. Send us those worthy people or organizations—even if it’s you! Email

On the Blog this week: Behavioral Health Teen and the ER Setting on Love Your Nursing Life by RN Bobbi McCarthy. She writes, “I do not know if our nursing intervention helped her in any way but I believe that it did…I can only hope that it meant something to her and that she will in her heart know that there are kind adults in the world.”

On the Road Again, Cancer Does Not Wait for Nine Robed Judges

My cancer won’t wait and doesn’t care about what nine robed judges in Washington, DC, say about healthcare. Cancer doesn’t care. Obamacare. Romneycare. No matter. Cancer doesn’t care. But the nurses do. Unrelenting and not fearful of any CEO’s rage or the loss of a […]