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FTT: RX for a Sick Economy

Republished from National Nurses United’s Blog By Rose Ann DeMoro November 10, 2011 Amidst the scourge of inequality sweeping the world, marked by continued profits, pay-outs and record levels of cash hoarding — the spoils of the 1% — one group has come forward with a […]

Nurses at the front lines of an economics debate? You bet your health!

Note: Registered Nurses Linda Hamilton, Bernadine Engeldorf and Jean Ross wrote this column for the “Labor Voices” featured in the October 2011 edition of The St. Paul Union Advocate. It also appears on the blog at From Madison to Wall Street, from St. Paul […]

Are you ready for Thursday? INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION

Are you ready for Thursday? That’s when nurses and other community activists are going to press President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for a meaningful financial transaction tax. Nurses from four continents, including a delegation from NNU, will be at the opening of the […]

A Train Without Pity. Friction In Studio. Sex Addiction. And Down Hill From There! | Show 425

This week on Nurse Talk Casey and Dan talk to RN Jill Furillo. Jill spent several days last week with Occupy Wall Street and will give us a firsthand account of her experience and what the Occupy movement is all about. To learn about how and why nurses are taking action listen to this show and go to In the carefully chosen words of Vice President Joe Biden, “In the minds of the vast majority of the American – the middle class is being screwed.”

And author and sex addiction therapist George N. Collins is with us. What we think we know about sex addiction is …well…not particularly helpful or accurate. Mr. Collins has written a book, Breaking the Cycle, Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame and developed some techniques to help turn the energy of negative compulsions into positive life changes.

RISE UP, Take Back Main Street

It made us cry, it made us mad as hell, it made us RISE UP. Thanks NNU for all your work! Share this with your friends and colleagues.

Tax Wall Street

Nurses take their Main Street Contract to Wall Street demanding that Wall Street pay their fair share. Main Street pays sales tax. Why not Wall Street? Half a penny per transaction could raise as much as 350 billion dollars.