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Nurses at the front lines of an economics debate? You bet your health!

Note: Registered Nurses Linda Hamilton, Bernadine Engeldorf and Jean Ross wrote this column for the “Labor Voices” featured in the October 2011 edition of The St. Paul Union Advocate. It also appears on the blog at From Madison to Wall Street, from St. Paul […]

The math doesn’t lie: The thinner nurses are spread in hospitals, the greater number of patients who die.

Big strike vote set in Minnesota, if approved would be the largest in U.S. history. Linda Hamilton, RN in the Children’s Hospital System and president of the Minnesota Nurses Association writes, “Everybody knows a nurse. And right now, more than 12,000 of us are in the fight of our lives with six different Twin Cities hospital systems…What are we fighting for? Nurses never have been and never will be in this profession for the money. We are in the profession for one simple reason – we care about you.” READ MORE