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RadaRN: Nurse Magnetism

Around three hundred million people live in the United States. About three million of them are nurses. I make that one in a hundred. This demographic worried me a bit when I first retired. Nurses just don’t share a shift or a workplace. They share […]

Honesty and Ethics. Heel. Toe. Blue Eyes.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and listen to some old stories we told when Nurse Talk was first on the air. Not sure any of you remember RN and co-host Maggie McDermott. Maggie comes back to visit from time to time and she always has a story about a funeral she just attended or a “fender bender” that wasn’t her fault. We think these Comedy Pharm clips are at least amusing—funny? Well, that is in the eyes of the beholder!

Moving on—Lost for many observers in last month’s end-of-the-year hullabaloo was the annual Gallup Honesty and Ethics Survey which by a wide margin again ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession.The survey found that 84% of Americans believe that nurses have “very high” or “high” honesty and ethical standards. RN and co-president of National Nurses United Karen Higgins is with us to talk more about the survey and what it means for the nurses, health care and social activism.

AND we share a wonderful story from RN, writer JoAnn Spears. JoAnn has generously contributed some stunning blog posts about her life and career as a nurse. On a recent post she describes what she learned from a mute patient in a chronic psychiatric ward. Read more…

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Lending A Hand | A Nurse’s Occupational Hazard

Before I was a nurse, I had occasion to be a young patient. I had a brief but painful procedure to undergo. My nurse was named Anne. She told me that if it hurt, I should just go ahead and scream. It was nighttime, and […]

Message in a Bottle | RN JoAnn Spears Enters the World of Texting

I recently bit the bullet and started text messaging. It’s not like face time and it ain’t Hallmark, but it has its advantages. It was an added bonus to discover that a career’s worth of nurses’ notes was the ultimate preparation for a would-be texter. […]

In My Room | A Nurse Decorates

I had two pieces of furniture delivered yesterday:  a really nice lingerie chest and a basic nightstand.  They joined two pretty little tile stands that I bought for bedside use a few weeks ago. I did not buy the basic nightstand to use at the […]

Losing Keys: A Kubler-Ross Five-Stage Experience

I lost my keys the other day. Most boomers would chalk it up to a senior moment and move on. Most boomers are not nurses. Nurses can be weird about keys. It was the beginning of a compressed, forty-eight hour, Kubler-Ross, Five-stage experience. Denial The […]

Leader of the Back…er, Pack | Inspiration for your Aching Back

You could say that Ol’ Arthur beats my butt, or that I have a hitch in my git-along. In short, my back hurts. Since the lifetime prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among nurses is as high as 80%, I am guessing you are sympathetic, but not […]

Top Ten Things Retired Nurses Can’t Let Go Of

I am selling my home. I just know that the anonymous buyers who will soon be parading through my bedroom will think that a peep at my clothes closet is fair game. Being a congenitally poor closet organizer, I decided that the best thing to […]

Nurses Strike. The Comfort Garden. A Drunk Swedish Moose. A Fake Bomb Threat | Show 423

There was big news last week with the nurses strike in Northern California. Over 23,000 nurses took part in the one day strike against Sutter and Kaiser hospitals.

Tragically as we spoke with RN and co-president of National Nurses United Deborah Burger, a patient at Sutter’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center died due to a medical error while under the care of a replacement nurse.

And in studio Casey and Dan welcome RN Laurie Barkin. Laurie is a psychiatric nurse consultant at San Francisco General and has written a fascinatingly vivid account about her twenty years as an elite psychiatric trauma nurse treating San Francisco’s most complicated cases and how treating the trauma of others affects caregivers.

For more about the drunk Swedish moose and fake bomb threat, you have to tune in to the show…