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Tag: Is Anybody Out There Laughing?

Michigan Nurses Speak Up and Nurse Fashion Don’ts

Our Nurse Talk laughter survey checks out hair salons to see who is laughing and who ISNT! Oh this is fun! After this little experiment…we think people might be a little too serious on the job! Michigan RN Katie Oppenheim talks about significant concerns for […]

CNA/NNU and Health Care Reform | Show 229

Confused and disillusioned about health care Reform? Well, join the rest of us. Our go-to expert CNA/NNU’s Donna Smith visits with Casey and Dan and doesn’t hold out much hope for anything resembling a single-payer or a public option.Later in the show, “Is Anybody Out There Laughing?“…oh my, we got some work to do pilgrims! America is not laughing as much as we need to be, so Casey and Dan are out to change that one call at a time.Don’t forget on March 28 Dr. Gail Altschuler will be with us taking your questions about weight loss and health. Call this week with your questions for the doctor and we will answer them on the air. Call 1.800.977.1863 or email MORE>