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Hospital Charges Push Bounds of Reason

In the consumer marketplace, businesses and vendors are free to charge whatever they wish to charge for the product or service they offer.   Customers may shop around for better deals, and competing businesses may even engage in price wars to earn higher sales.  But in […]

My Breasts and My Life Not as Valuable as Angelina’s

While women and men around the world applaud Angelina Jolie for her bravery in writing such a public opinion piece in the New York Times today about her preemptive double mastectomy, some of us know that our breasts and our lives just are not worth as much as […]

Nurse Talk Short | Donna Smith and Healthcare for All

A fierce leader, and one of our favorite guests, Healthcare and Human Rights Advocate Donna Smith, will join us. As some of you know, Donna has been leading the charge for the past 8 years for a universal healthcare system in our country. Donna was […]

Safe Patient Care Act, Donna Smith and “Off the Grid” Jokes.

Listen to our guest this week RN Jeff Breslin of the Michigan Nurses Association on The Safe Patient Care Act “Every Michigan resident deserves to receive safe care at every hospital, every time. Michigan’s nurses are simply asking for our leaders’ support to make that happen.” […]

Bears. Kids. Free Makeover. Michigan. Donna.

Who didn’t love the amazing Jonathan Winters? He was the master of improvisational comedy. As we celebrate National Nurses Week, Casey and Shayne found some interesting gestures of generosity toward those in their profession. One in particular stood out: It happened in Kearney, Nebraska. A beauty […]

Health Care Options: Go Bare or Go Broke?

In America, we take our pound of flesh and our profits wherever we may find them. In our U.S. health care system, the opportunities to profit are plentiful no matter the pain, illness, worry or other suffering inflicted. For me, I now face a decision […]

Getting HIP on Low Bone Density and Healthcare For ALL!

For those of you old enough to remember cassettes or even 8-tracks (yikes!) this week’s show is a “rewind,” but it isn’t as old as an 8-track. That makes no sense and sometimes neither do we…but this show is a Best of Nurse Talk and you don’t want to miss it. Check out all the Nurse Talk broadcasts at

Get iTriage on your smart phone or tablet. Check out the symptom checker on at

Coming up next week, if you haven’t found this great app called iTriage, look no further than the Nurse Talk website—in fact here’s the direct link

iTriage is an amazing resource for everyone. For example: have a symptom? Go to the iTriage symptom checker. Need information about a disease? You’ll find complete clinical descriptions from A-Z. Is your medical issue an emergency or do you need to find a clinic or hospital near you? Yip, you guessed it; a complete directory of everything in your area including WAIT times. It’s incredible and we use it all the time. You should too, its free and it works. Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wayne Guerra joins us for a conversation on this revolutionary tool.
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