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What’s Your State’s Healthy Life Expectancy?

A new study suggests that where you live greatly influences your “healthy life expectancy” (HLE), a term used to describe not only how long people live, but how healthily they live. It estimates how long a person can be expected to live in good health at a given age. […]

How Fiber Lowers Cholesterol

This mechanism is similar to how “normal” levels of fiber consumption (huge by modern standards) Relieve the Body of Excess Estrogen (, which may explain reduced breast cancer risk in those eating plant-based diets. Fiber also helps Improve Intestinal Transit Time ( Stool Size Matters […]

3 Great Squat Exercises for Nurses

The squat exercise may be the most powerful and effective exercise for nurses.  Not only does it build significant core and lower back strength, but it helps build on some of the largest muscles in your body: the glutes in your buttocks, your hamstrings, and […]

Keeping Your Energy up During a Shift – The Healthy Way!

If you’re right in the middle of a long shift and starting to run out of energy, what should you do? Don’t reach for the sugary beverages or energy drinks. Instead, try these successful energy-building interventions that will keep you going strong until the very […]