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Dancing in the Streets. Tell Us Where it Hurts. Play it Again, Sam.

There was “dancing in the streets” in Chicago at the National Nurses United Staff Nurse Assembly. O.K. So we looked a little silly in our Robin Hood hats. But 3,000 nurses and 2,000 of their closest friends got some attention for the Heal America Campaign .

And…whatever your political persuasion, we invite you to just check out an idea that might not be so crazy. Visit

And one of the highlights in Chicago…Anna Deavere Smith’s Tell Us Where It Hurts performance.

Tell Us is one of the most relevant current theatrical pieces and will hopefully be taken on the road across the country…Revealed in the dialog of the show is the courage of nurses in face of a system which places barriers on their ability to heal.”

–Kevin O’Donnell
Member of the American Theater Critics Association; New York Times Company Foundation-sponsored critic fellow

Read the whole review. This show is a must-see for all nurses (administrators and legislators).

While we were away in the beautiful city of Chicago… We asked those left behind to pick a great “rerun” and so…we are playing it again, Sam. We present…RN Greg Montes on mental health services cuts and Hal Isen on making your life a work of art.

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