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Summer Vaycay. Clowns Without Borders. Forced Flu Shots?

The nurses are on vaycay this week. Well, not really, they still have their day jobs…but our sound engineer is in Barbados. Well, not really, its probably hot there now, but she IS taking a breather in an undisclosed location. And who could blame her? […]

From original Blog. One Nurse at a Time

The Art of Nursing and the Science of Medicine – Sue Averill

Last month I traveled with other nurses and doctors to Port Au Prince, Haiti with Project Medishare, working at Bernard Mevs, the only neuro-surgical and trauma facility in the region. Project Medishare’s goal is to train Haitian doctors and nurses and to establish sustainable programs […]

RN Heroes Project Feature This Week | Show 227

Tim Thomas, RN

Tim Thomas, RN

Continuing the RN Heroes Project, co-hosts Casey and Dan talk with RN Tim Thomas. Tim is one of over 12,000 nurses who went to Haiti as part of National Nurses United’s RN Response Network. In an effort to acknowledge these selfless acts of service, the RN Response Network launched the RN Heroes Project.READ MORE…

Talking with Andrew McGuire | Show 232

Casey and Dan speak with Andrew McGuire the Executive Director of California One Care. Andrew talks about the founding coalition and the campaign that is under way to pass SB 810, State Senator Mark Leno’s legislation for Single Payer Health Insurance for ALL Californians….plus our RN Hero feature, Tim Thomas, RN plus, Casey and Dan’s usual shenanigans.READ MORE…

RN Heroes Project | Show 231

CNA/NNU’s Donna Smith joins the hosts of Nurse Talk, Casey Hobbs and Dan Grady–to introduce the RN Heroes Project. Donna gives a warm introduction to the project and is followed by a conversation with Massachusetts RN Kathy Reardon. Kathy speaks with humility about her time and service in Haiti and shares some very moving comments about her experience. When asked if she thought of herself as a hero…”Not at all, I just did my job,” replies Kathy. READ MORE…

Dan’s Mom Rita stops by | Show 230

Well, Nurse Talk does it’s own version of ALL IN THE FAMILY as Co-host Dan Grady’s mom, Rita, stops by. Lovely Rita, as we like to call her, is a retired RN now working as a full-time volunteer for the Red Cross. It seems as though the apple does not fall far from the tree—Rita is as wild and wacky as her son!This week Casey and Dan talk with RN Laurie Bahr. She sheds some light on current Pension Bargaining Efforts taking place in her state. It seems that hospitals are using the “economic downturn” to cut benefits that most RNs have been paying into for years. Laurie is active in the Minnesota Nurses Association, the organization that works to protect patients and the nurses who serve them.A quick update from RN Carol Rodgers. You may remember Carol has been heading up efforts to save San Leandro Hospital in California from closure. She has good news and will update us on recent developments. READ MORE…

A NURSE TRAVELS TO HAITI”In Her Own Words”Lauren Aichele

Lauren Aichele, RN2 Weeks in Haiti on the USNS Comfort
By Lauren Aichele

After a briefing from the Navy the next morning, we flew from the Naval Base in Jacksonville to Port au Prince, where we arrived at dark. The town looked horrifying with people living in the streets and in whatever shelter they could throw together with sheets, boxes, etc. Rubble littered the dark streets and there were small fires everywhere, which may have been used for cooking or just to have some light. Some speculated they may be burning bodies. The scene was surreal and quite unsettling, and I was happy our bus was guarded at the door by US military staff with guns…Read more…

Good Ol’ Days and Stress vs. Salt | Show 226

This Week on the Show…We have been searching for months for a perfect fit to co-host the show with Casey and we found him! Welcome Dan Grady, a hospice nurse and a very funny and talented guy too. Casey and Dan have great chemistry and we never know when he will break into his best Edith Bunker, Ted Baxter, or Elvis voice. Our guests will be nurse practitioner activist Sandra Falwell and the new Nurse Talk resident Heart Health Specialist, Nieca Goldberg, MD, as well as Steve Curtain from Nurse Together…Read More

URGENT NEED for RN Volunteers Haiti Ravaged by Earthquake

From our friends at National Nurses United: Join your fellow RNs, National Nurses United members, and the Registered Nurse Response Network on an emergency mission to help Haiti. “All of the hospitals are packed with people. It is a catastrophe,” said, President René Préval of Haiti to the New York Times. HOW YOU CAN HELP? Read more…