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Nurse Talk Gift Giving Guide. What the Frack? Oy Vey in a Manger.

A great show this week. Shayne shares his softer side when he tells Casey he has already been thinking about a holiday gift for her.

Shayne to Casey: “O.K Casey — its sort of a personal thing so I hope you won’t be mad — but I researched some exercise options for you and want to gift you a membership to whichever one of these resonates with you.”

Casey responds, “O.K. if you must — it’s better than having to do the research myself — what ya got?”

Shayne: “O.K.: 1) Weighted Hula Hooping…”

Will Casey choose a new exercise regime such as weighted hulahooping?
Says Lisa M. Wolfe of Demand Media about this hot new fitness option, “If you have an addictive personality, use caution when beginning a weighted hula hoop workout. Hooping may take priority above your other daily activities…

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