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Tag: Farewell to Dan

Goodbye. Unfortunate. iTriage. Baby Love. R&R.

Our farewell to Dan…takes us on a walk down memory lane. Old favorites including the bits we did called “Is Anybody Out There Laughing” and “What Song Best Describes Your Nurse.” We share the story about Dan’s battle with racoons in his garage and some other silliness.

More on the decline (evaporation) of mental health services. We are joined by RN and Vice President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Karen Coughlin. Karen works at Taunton State Hospital which is on the chopping block. Closure would mean no place for the 147 patients they now serve, and no short-term mental health facility within a 150 miles for the community. This, unfortunately, is happening all across the country.

AND… The coolest APP we’ve ever seen or heard about! We all know what triage means, welcome to iTriage. Without giving too much away…simply put, you can download iTriage and use it all over the world to identify symptoms, find the nearest ER or specialist and what the wait times are in emergency situations—and is so user friendly—I can even use it!

Oh… and one of our favorite guests, RN Marsha Podd, aka the Baby Whisperer, weighs in on the latest controversial mommy gaffe—chewing food for your baby. Yes? No? Marsha say’s “God love moms…it’s a tough job!”

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