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Personal Training & Exercise

Jimmy Fucello, a personal trainer and running back, shares with us some of the benefits of exercise: it protects bone health, muscle mass, and helps prevent diseases and reduces stress.   Jimmy takes us through some simple exercises (both compound and isolation exercises), and explains the benefits of […]

Top 10 Activities to Boost Endorphins

News flash: The runner’s high is not just for runners. When you perform high-intensity exercise, like running, your body releases endorphins, or feel-good hormones, in response to the stress, which then gives you a positive mental boost. When stuck in a state of depression, these […]

Nurse Talk Gift Giving Guide. What the Frack? Oy Vey in a Manger.

A great show this week. Shayne shares his softer side when he tells Casey he has already been thinking about a holiday gift for her.

Shayne to Casey: “O.K Casey — its sort of a personal thing so I hope you won’t be mad — but I researched some exercise options for you and want to gift you a membership to whichever one of these resonates with you.”

Casey responds, “O.K. if you must — it’s better than having to do the research myself — what ya got?”

Shayne: “O.K.: 1) Weighted Hula Hooping…”

Will Casey choose a new exercise regime such as weighted hulahooping?
Says Lisa M. Wolfe of Demand Media about this hot new fitness option, “If you have an addictive personality, use caution when beginning a weighted hula hoop workout. Hooping may take priority above your other daily activities…

You know you HAVE to read more…

3 Great Squat Exercises for Nurses

The squat exercise may be the most powerful and effective exercise for nurses.  Not only does it build significant core and lower back strength, but it helps build on some of the largest muscles in your body: the glutes in your buttocks, your hamstrings, and […]

Exercise is Power | Improvement in Cognitive Ability in Aging

New study shows,  “resistance training can indeed improve both your cognitive performance and your brain function. What is key is that the training will improve two processes that are highly sensitive to the effects of aging and neurodegeneration — executive function and associative memory — […]

Leader of the Back…er, Pack | Inspiration for your Aching Back

You could say that Ol’ Arthur beats my butt, or that I have a hitch in my git-along. In short, my back hurts. Since the lifetime prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among nurses is as high as 80%, I am guessing you are sympathetic, but not […]

Keeping Your Energy up During a Shift – The Healthy Way!

If you’re right in the middle of a long shift and starting to run out of energy, what should you do? Don’t reach for the sugary beverages or energy drinks. Instead, try these successful energy-building interventions that will keep you going strong until the very […]