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Auditions. Knees. D.C. Kildare.

Coming Up Casey and crew rotate different co-host finalists through the show. Talk about being thrown into the fire! They were all champions and we thank each and everyone who auditioned or sent in their letter of interest. Next week we will introduce you all to our newly selected co-host.

We do manage to talk to our friend Donna Smith about the recent Supreme Court healthcare hearings, the upcoming May 18th Staff Nurse Assembly in Chicago (get ready to rumble) lets see—dancing in the streets, flash mobs and of course some serious business as well.

A big highlight of the conference is Anna Deavere Smith. Ms. Smith, called by Newsweek “the most exciting individual in American theater” will be performing a new stage monologue (as only she can) called, Tell Me Where It Hurts, Stories from the Front Lines of Nursing.

AND…the KNEES have it! Does anybody out there (not you twenty or thirty-somethings) escape the popular conversation of bad knees? It may be our age (o.k. mine) but everyone around us either has a knee injury, has had a knee surgery or replacement or is thinking about it just for the hell of it! Well, we thought we would call in an expert.

Dr. Lesley Anderson joins us to talk about the number one cause of knee problems, the treatments and how they have advanced and a “fresh blood platelet” treatment that is used very successfully on shoulders and knees. “I’ll have a chef’s salad and some of those “fresh blood platelets.” Check it out.

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