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Overheard at the US Drug Pharmacy Counter: Greed in Action

At our local pharmacy counter, we often hear way too many stories of trauma and anger as people try to negotiate through a for-profit health care system that fights to keep profits growing ever higher by denying medications. We know our struggles are shared because […]

Nurse Talk Short | Global Nurses United and ACA FACTS

Global Nurses? Yes, it’s necessary! We mentioned a few weeks ago that we attended the National Nurses United Conference here in San Francisco. We met nurses from most of the states and from over 13 other countries. It’s very interesting to talk to nurses from around the world […]

Hospital Charges Push Bounds of Reason

In the consumer marketplace, businesses and vendors are free to charge whatever they wish to charge for the product or service they offer.   Customers may shop around for better deals, and competing businesses may even engage in price wars to earn higher sales.  But in […]

A Moving Tribute, Keystone XL and ObamaCare: Good, Bad or Both?

Try as we might to stay away from polarizing issues on our show, it seems you can’t talk about health and healthcare without touching on these controversial topics. The Keystone XL Pipeline is one of those issues. It could have a significant impact on the health of communities in […]

My Breasts and My Life Not as Valuable as Angelina’s

While women and men around the world applaud Angelina Jolie for her bravery in writing such a public opinion piece in the New York Times today about her preemptive double mastectomy, some of us know that our breasts and our lives just are not worth as much as […]