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What is Dan’s Thing?!? CONTEST

Have you heard about “Dan’s thing” yet? It’s his latest passion and he is keeping it secret until he achieves it. Any guesses what it is?We also want to know what your “thing” is. What makes your life complete? What keeps you feeling healthy and fulfilled? How do you relax? What are you working towards or searching for? Watch the blog and listen to the show for upcoming clues.Email your guess and tell us what your “thing” is…C’mon winner gets $100 in movie tickets or CASH toward their own thing. GET THE FIRST CLUE

Dan Grady and Donna Smith Segment | Show 229

Guests: Dan Grady and Donna Smith Confused and disillusioned about health care reform? Well, join the rest of us. Our go-to expert CNA/NNU’s Donna Smith visits with Casey and Dan and doesn’t hold out much hope for anything resembling a single-payer or a public option. Yes, […]

Dan Grady Co-Hosts! | Show 227

A very touching and insightful conversation with RN Tim Thomas, just returned from Haiti where he volunteered on the U.S.S. Comfort. Tim talks about his experience and how he would go back in a minute. He is full of gratitude for the extraordinary opportunity to serve such appreciative people. Tim was among the first of thousands of RNs who will be going to Haiti over the next months and years. The RN Response Network and National Nurses United are heading up this important task.

Dan and Casey inaugurate a new Nurse Talk segment called “Is Anybody Out There Laughing?” and much, much more…

Good Ol’ Days and Stress vs. Salt | Show 226

This Week on the Show…We have been searching for months for a perfect fit to co-host the show with Casey and we found him! Welcome Dan Grady, a hospice nurse and a very funny and talented guy too. Casey and Dan have great chemistry and we never know when he will break into his best Edith Bunker, Ted Baxter, or Elvis voice. Our guests will be nurse practitioner activist Sandra Falwell and the new Nurse Talk resident Heart Health Specialist, Nieca Goldberg, MD, as well as Steve Curtain from Nurse Together…Read More

Send a Nurse | Show 225

Coming Up This Week On Nurse Talk…Casey invites Dan Grady to join her as guest co-host and together…well …they giggle through the show. Dan is a Hospice Nurse and loves to laugh, share his experiences and express his opinions…sounds like someone else we know. Read more…