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Lower Blood Pressure. Laughing Your Way Through a Conference. Critical Care.

RN Deb Gauldin, Laughologist

Have you ever listened to a baby laugh? You know, the kind of laugh that is so contagious YOU start to laugh? Well, who knew laughing was so good for you! We thought we’d reminder ourselves and our listeners that laughter really is the best medicine.

On the show this week we have RN Deb Gauldin, the incoming president of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor She is a professional humorist and entertainer specializing in health care morale and women’s well being. Deb joins Casey and Dan to talk about humor and the upcoming 25th annual conference where all they do is laugh and talk, and laugh and talk, and then laugh some more.

Why quit your job as an English professor to become an RN? Theresa Brown did. Before becoming a nurse, Theresa
obtained a Ph.D in English and taught literature. After being an RN for four years, she’s written a book called, Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life and Everything in Between. We’ll talk with Theresa about her career and her very interesting and poignant book.

And we share a recent interview (from our friends at Labour Radio) with RN Higgins. Karen addresses questions about the proposed Financial Transaction Tax..50 per $100 ? Wow, so little could raise billions of dollars for vital health care education and other services. Why is this so hard?

Read more about this show. It’s packed!