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Vacation on the Mendocino Coast

Great Mendocino Coast Specials just for NURSES – Enter to win!

Everybody knows you deserve a vacation. When you wind your way up to the breathtakingly beautiful and magical Mendocino Coast, you will be welcomed and pampered. To thank you for your work, the Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce has opportunities and deals exclusively for RNs, LVNs & […]

Patient Ratios Save Lives | Show 234

This week RNs talk about a new study just out that proves “patient ratios save lives.” We’ll also talk with Karen Coughlin about workplace violence and what is being done to stop it.We’ll be airing an encore presentation of Casey’s interview with Kay McVay. Kay is a retired RN who shares her story about a not so blissful retirement.Plus more about “Dan’s Thing.” That’s something you don’t want to miss. READ MORE…

What is Dan’s Thing?!? CONTEST

Have you heard about “Dan’s thing” yet? It’s his latest passion and he is keeping it secret until he achieves it. Any guesses what it is?We also want to know what your “thing” is. What makes your life complete? What keeps you feeling healthy and fulfilled? How do you relax? What are you working towards or searching for? Watch the blog and listen to the show for upcoming clues.Email your guess and tell us what your “thing” is…C’mon winner gets $100 in movie tickets or CASH toward their own thing. GET THE FIRST CLUE