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An Exercise of Compassion

The ER is in total chaos today. All 23 rooms are full, the behavioral health suite is full, the waiting room is full, and even the hallway is full. Full of sick patients. The nurses are frazzled, working as hard as they can delivering treatments, […]

Tears and Being Present

The call came in from EMS as “72-year-old man with end stage lung cancer in respiratory distress. Vitals stable. Family requesting transport to the ER for evaluation. He is on Hospice – the nurse tells us the family is no longer able to cope with […]

The Heart of a Nurse

Something was said to me on Christmas that has left me pondering just why being a nurse is so wonderful. The comment was, “She is such a smart girl. She shouldn’t be in the nursing program. She should be a doctor.” Well…Hmmmmmmmm. I admire the […]

Nurse Talk Short | Robin Hood Tax and Nursing with Compassion

The Robin Hood Tax what and why? An idea that would go a long way in healing the divide between the ultra rich and the rest of us. And, Hal Isen, MFT on how to do your best work as a nurse and avoid going […]

A Shower

Editor’s note: If you are following along with Barbara and Melissa in their journey, this post is from writing done a couple of months ago with both Barbara and her daughter and caregiver Melissa recounting the impact that small things done with great love can […]