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Nurse Shorts | Questions for Casey, and Michael Lighty on the Affordable Care Act

A look at the concerns about The Affordable Care Act from those who work for hospital corps. This week Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for California Nurses Association,  joins us to talk about why he thinks the Affordable Care Act is “Bad Medicine” for nurses. […]

Dan Grady Co-Hosts! | Show 227

A very touching and insightful conversation with RN Tim Thomas, just returned from Haiti where he volunteered on the U.S.S. Comfort. Tim talks about his experience and how he would go back in a minute. He is full of gratitude for the extraordinary opportunity to serve such appreciative people. Tim was among the first of thousands of RNs who will be going to Haiti over the next months and years. The RN Response Network and National Nurses United are heading up this important task.

Dan and Casey inaugurate a new Nurse Talk segment called “Is Anybody Out There Laughing?” and much, much more…