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What Makes Things Funny? Social Security Trust Fund. Vinegar.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our new co-host RN Shayne Mason. We are so glad to have him with us and just to show our appreciation we had all kinds of studio chaos waiting for him. Three in-studio guests, advice from our retired co-host Maggie McDermott, technical difficulties and more. Shayne took it like a pro! Not to mention he brings to the show a wealth of medical expertise and, of course, a grand sense of humor.

Shayne holds an RN, BRN, NP, is an instructor at USF (University of San Francisco) and a psych nurse at a clinic in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. That psych background will come in handy!

On the show this week is RN, humorist, author Terri Tate. What makes all the wrong things funny? Terri Tate will tell you. Terri claims that humor saved her life. Most people wouldn’t find two bouts of disfiguring oral cancer, 30 plus hours of surgery, 7 weeks of radiation, endless complications and a 2% chance of survival all that funny. Terri wasn’t laughing the whole time but claims that her sense of humor never completely deserted her. Nineteen years after treatment—alive and laughing, Terri talks about her remarkable path and her new book, As Is.

Wiz kid Cameron Harris is stops by for a visit. Some of you may remember Cameron, at the ripe old age of sixteen, started a podcast company (Harwood Podcast Network) that now boasts over 900 different shows. The line up includes IN RANGE Cameron’s show with his advice about how to live a healthy active life with Type 1 Diabetes. Cameron himself was diagnosed at the age of eight.

Also with us is D.C. Correspondent and National Nurses United Legislative Advocate Donna Smith. Donna gives a great answer to the question–why don’t we see this headline in the media: “For Profit Healthcare Poses Threat to Medicare, Federal Deficit, and Overall Economy in Coming Decades”

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Kathryn Kuhlman. Walmart Greeter. Tragedy at Sutter Hospital. Whiz Kid Cameron Harris. HP Printers | Show 424

If any of you remember the late great televangelist Katheryn Kuhlman then your just about as old as we are! We couldn’t help ourselves so we open the show with some words of wisdom from Ms. Kuhlman.

And we check in on what is happening at Sutter Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, California. As many of you know, over 23000 nurses went on a one-day strike against Sutter Health here in Northern California. At issue are cuts that impact patient safety. As planned, the nurses were only out one day then Sutter Health announced they would be locked out for an additional 4 days. During that lock out a patient died from what is described as a “medical error,” while under the care of a 23-year old replacement nurse. We’ll have an update on this unfortunate tragedy.

And whiz kid Cameron Harris joins us. Cameron is our resident expert on Type 1 diabetes and has his own podcast show called In Range. On the show Cameron gives great tips and information on how to live a healthy life with Type 1.

Donna Smith and Cameron Harris | Show 308

Casey and Dan rap with Donna Smith about the midterm elections. What now? What later? What is the future of health care reform and what can we do to keep the drum beating for single payer health-care? It looks as if it will happen state […]

Rewind Andrew McGuire and Deborah Burger | Show 300BO

This week’s show is an encore presentation originally aired September 19, 2010 featuring Andrew McGuire and Deborah Burger.Andrew is the creator of the California OneCare Campaign. The campaign is simple, single payer health care for all Californians. This discussion takes us back to the good […]