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In My Day…My Mother Said Baking Soda Did Everything | Lynn Ruth Miller

[powerpress] In my day my mother said baking soda did everything. She sprinkled it all over the bathroom because she said it absorbed odors. I guess it worked because our toilet seat was so gritty I always went next door. Whenever I took a bath, […]

Hipwrecked. Scripting and Rounding. Baking Soda.

This week on our lovely “sheeew”—we talk about a customer service practice that is now being used in the healthcare field. It’s called scripting and rounding. In the corporate world scripting and rounding has been part of the customer service model for giants like Disney, major fast food chains and many five star hotels. Now—healthcare? RN DeAnn McEwen gives us a “spirited” overview!

You won’t want to miss Phyllis Katz. Like any skilled improviser, when longtime performer and director with the famed Groundlings comedy troupe was faced with her insurance company being unwilling to pay six figures to fix her two hips, she improvised. Good-bye, Los Angeles. Hello New Delhi. Phyllis is here to talk with us about her wonderful new book Hipwrecked, My Health Insurance Sucked so I Went to India for Surgery.

And if you haven’t heard the our new segment “In My Day” with comedian Lynn Ruth Miller–you need to. This week Lynn Ruth talks about a favorite all-purpose remedy her mother used: baking soda. Told only as Lynn Ruth could—it definitely harkens memories from the old days!

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