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Caregiving and Self Care

4 Signs You Need a Break From Caregiving

According to a caregiver serves a home health aide and companion to elderly individuals or those those dealing with chronic illness. Duties may include feeding, dressing and bathing patients, as well as arranges schedule, managing insurance issues and providing transportation.  The National Alliance for Caregiving […]

Exercise is Power | Improvement in Cognitive Ability in Aging

New study shows,  “resistance training can indeed improve both your cognitive performance and your brain function. What is key is that the training will improve two processes that are highly sensitive to the effects of aging and neurodegeneration — executive function and associative memory — […]

Please Write to Me | Dear Anna Olson

“I noticed something caught up in the branches of a tree in the woods near my home. It was a balloon and tied to it was a note that simply read…” –Dean Kalman Lennert Director/Animator, Dear Anna Olson These four simple words are an invitation […]